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Oh, goodness.

2012-02-08 08:07:20 by JusticeBustedUs

I like the new look Newgrounds has! I usually get irritated when websites change their look, but this is very unique and shiny~ And since I am a woman, I enjoy shiny things~

There are a lot of pictures I don't upload here; You should check out my deviantart!

Thank you for reading~

Hey there, NG

2012-02-01 21:23:59 by JusticeBustedUs

I'd like to thank the half-assed reviews, or lack of any at all, on not just mine but most all artwork here on this site, for teaching me about how ridiculous the internet is. I now understand that not everybody is simply open-minded OR even half educated in artistic appreciation. Just because you don't like the way a person portrays a character in a certain manner doesn't mean that it's a bad piece. And it's not just one person. There's about 3. CONSIDERING the fact that NO ONE gives out reviews to help an artist grow, they, instead, just vote it down, not giving a reason as to why (but I'm beginning to believe that it's because some of my art is MLP related and some of you just can't handle that. If you don't like MLP, that's cool. I don't really care. But don't vote down mine or anyone's art just because it's related to something you don't like/hate. Prick.)

Also, next time you rate something less than a 4, explain why. Seriously. That person has no fucking clue what they've done wrong. BUT REMEMBER. Do not vote based on personal interest. That makes you a fucking cock! If you don't like the art itself, and not the character, TELL THE ARTIST WHY (ei, too light, not enough shading, TO MUCH shading, bad color choices, anatomy, etc.)

I could go on, but hopefully you will understand my point. If you disagree with any of this, you're a dumbass. I'm not sharing my opinion. This is just what a courteous person does. Unless you enjoy the title, "Little Fuckshit Freddy", I would suggest following these texts, because dude. No one likes Little Fuckshit Freddy. Seriously.


The entire beginner-in-digital-art community.

P.S., You're very pretty.

Yeap. We got that sparkling white grape juice cocktails and The Big Bang Theory marathon.

Tiffany's already asleep on the couch. I think we watch TV too hard for her.. What a wuss.

Please gimmie suggestions for my art. I'm in dire need of 'em :I

Thank you, <3

So I was loligagging around Target today and (mind you, I've just recently cut my hair into a mohawk. Fuck yeah, chicks with mohawks.) this girl is watching me flip through those over-priced boyfriend t's (seriously, why don't they buy the shirts their boyfriends actually wear, they're cheaper.) and she comes up to me, pretending to look at the pants on the rack next to me. I can literally feel her stare on my neck. It was weird.

So anywho, she's like, "Is it cold?"

Like. What. Seriously? I'ts fucking winter and cold as shit. Wtf. So I said, "Uhm, yes mam'm. It's cold outside. After all, it.. IS winter.."

I fuck you not, she's like, "I mean with your hair like that." What does my hair have to do with the weather again??

I look her in the eyes and tell her, "My hair doesn't change the weather, I apologize." She replies, "Oh, sorry. That's not what I meant. Are you a lesbian?"

What do I say? -insert title-

That's Oklahoma for you, children.

pic related. it's me.

Yes, mam'm, I'm very gay.

Why, Newgrounds?!

2011-12-23 14:17:46 by JusticeBustedUs

Why doesn't Newgrounds tell me when someone comments on my posts? I feel bad when I don't reply, after all, they took the time to comment :C I'm sorry if I don't reply to your comment as soon as you'd wish! Honestly, I think it'd be better to PM me than to comment on my posts xD Naah, but I love getting responses. I really do! :D

i love you guys, :d

I'm not too interesting in pursuing an art career with Photoshop. For those of you that see inconsistant styles in my gallery, I apologize, but every one of these pictures are ones that I myself make. I know a lot of the Photoshop pieces suck, but I'm still earning. I'll stick to only uploading my Photoshop art to devArt, considering no one looks at me there anyway. Hahah.

I'm gonna try to stick with watercolor arts, and I know Newgrounds was never the best place for the few traditional artists, though some get by nicely, but I'm only trying to let people see my art. For all I care, you could hate it. I couldn't give two shits if you sit there and tell me it sucks. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I really don't care what anyone thinks of it, and in my view, it should be a privilege to you for even being able to. I'm not trying to pursue a career in art, I just have an art career. Like a welder writing short stories to pass his time, art is nothing but a hobby.

In conclusion, I apologize for inconsistencies in style, media, etc. (after all, I'm not even out of high school yet, I should be finding my media, style, etc. and should not have found it yet) and I'm gong to watercolor, no Photoshop.

Thanks for reading! Happy holidays :D

Working on it.

2011-11-23 13:51:41 by JusticeBustedUs

I'm really practicing on my Photoshop skills. I need links and reviews and such. Please give suggestions, anything helps :3 All styles and all genres. I looove suggestions. And Not on how I draw, please. I draw the way I draw because I like the way I draw. I can do every style but I stick with mine, thank you very much.

Just want you to know I love you :3 respond with kind words and links are much appreciated <3 tutorials, sites with brushes/ideas/anything helpful with Photoshop. Thanks, guize. :D

Let's have some fun

2011-11-18 23:13:00 by JusticeBustedUs

Love watching Tremors. Especially with my family.

Gonna stick with traditional art from now on. Since no one has any suggestions with photoshop.

Traditional is my favorite anyway. I just don't have a scanner or a good camera, so I'm iffy about uploading them. But, I'll try my best.


2011-11-05 22:09:10 by JusticeBustedUs

So the other day, I logged on and for some reason, it doesn't tell me I have any messages until I click on something after I log on.

So I did and I noticed I have 2 messages. I had been offered to be scouted by two different people <3 I just wanted to thank them, and I accepted the first one I received. Just wanted to say thanks again! :D

Right now, I'm listening to the amazing Banjo-Tooie soundtrack. Might I say, these songs remind me of so many good adventures with those two :D


2011-08-12 00:25:09 by JusticeBustedUs

So, I'm new here. I've actually been coming to this site since I was like, 12 or something. But I felt a need to create an account. -claps-

Please don't send me bullshit spam. I won't respond, I'll simply delete and block you. Even though I am a girl, I don't start shit with people. Especially on the internet. I am no e-thug, even though most people think it's cool to be an e-thug, because being a thug in real life is scary! I just ignore shit. I'd expect females to learn from my example, but they don't.

All you need to know as of now is that, I'm fucking awesome. And my life is awesome. And if you want me to share some awesomeness with you, I'm right here. Come over here, baby. Share some awesome.

Also, I like tits. A lot. I'm not bisexual, I just fucking love tits. Big and small. Every boobie has a certain beauty to them, if they're well-held and maintained properly.

And one more thing. I like indie music. And I don't smoke pot. Plus, I fucking love meat.