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2011-08-12 00:25:09 by JusticeBustedUs

So, I'm new here. I've actually been coming to this site since I was like, 12 or something. But I felt a need to create an account. -claps-

Please don't send me bullshit spam. I won't respond, I'll simply delete and block you. Even though I am a girl, I don't start shit with people. Especially on the internet. I am no e-thug, even though most people think it's cool to be an e-thug, because being a thug in real life is scary! I just ignore shit. I'd expect females to learn from my example, but they don't.

All you need to know as of now is that, I'm fucking awesome. And my life is awesome. And if you want me to share some awesomeness with you, I'm right here. Come over here, baby. Share some awesome.

Also, I like tits. A lot. I'm not bisexual, I just fucking love tits. Big and small. Every boobie has a certain beauty to them, if they're well-held and maintained properly.

And one more thing. I like indie music. And I don't smoke pot. Plus, I fucking love meat.


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