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Hey there, NG

2012-02-01 21:23:59 by JusticeBustedUs

I'd like to thank the half-assed reviews, or lack of any at all, on not just mine but most all artwork here on this site, for teaching me about how ridiculous the internet is. I now understand that not everybody is simply open-minded OR even half educated in artistic appreciation. Just because you don't like the way a person portrays a character in a certain manner doesn't mean that it's a bad piece. And it's not just one person. There's about 3. CONSIDERING the fact that NO ONE gives out reviews to help an artist grow, they, instead, just vote it down, not giving a reason as to why (but I'm beginning to believe that it's because some of my art is MLP related and some of you just can't handle that. If you don't like MLP, that's cool. I don't really care. But don't vote down mine or anyone's art just because it's related to something you don't like/hate. Prick.)

Also, next time you rate something less than a 4, explain why. Seriously. That person has no fucking clue what they've done wrong. BUT REMEMBER. Do not vote based on personal interest. That makes you a fucking cock! If you don't like the art itself, and not the character, TELL THE ARTIST WHY (ei, too light, not enough shading, TO MUCH shading, bad color choices, anatomy, etc.)

I could go on, but hopefully you will understand my point. If you disagree with any of this, you're a dumbass. I'm not sharing my opinion. This is just what a courteous person does. Unless you enjoy the title, "Little Fuckshit Freddy", I would suggest following these texts, because dude. No one likes Little Fuckshit Freddy. Seriously.


The entire beginner-in-digital-art community.

P.S., You're very pretty.


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2012-02-01 21:41:19

I never vote on personal interest. and thanks for the compliment.

JusticeBustedUs responds:

Good, because nice people do that. And you're welcome ;0


2012-02-04 02:50:26

Reviewers still arent taking the newish art portal too seriously yet. I still see mostly bullshit reviews in the audio portal even. I rate fairly but i dont like to review because im not an artist. I know when i dont know what im talking about and I keep my mouth shut. I just know what I like when its appealing to my eye. Oh I like your stuff btw. I just added you to my favs but I realized I'm not on my actual account so ill add you again if I ever find my password.

JusticeBustedUs responds:

Awh, thank you, sweetie [: You're so nice<3

And I understand just keeping your mouth shut. I understand that completely! [: And I wouldn't know much about the Audio Portal. I mean, I rate the 0-5 thing, but Rarely rate the comments 0-10 thing, because, like you, I have nooo clue what I'm talking about. I know nothing about making music xD But I do take the time to vote on them.

I just don't get why people vote based on a definite result. After all, like most artists, I put my art out there to get critiqued so I can get better, Because I knooooow I have soooooo much room to grow, and fully welcome ALL, REAL reviews; Like with meaning and depth, or even just what they like about the pic (like the coloring or something), so that I know where I need to stay, or grow further.

But that doesn't mean I'll change my style :I

You get what I'm saying! Right? :D

Thank you, again, for faving me<3