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2011-11-05 22:09:10 by JusticeBustedUs

So the other day, I logged on and for some reason, it doesn't tell me I have any messages until I click on something after I log on.

So I did and I noticed I have 2 messages. I had been offered to be scouted by two different people <3 I just wanted to thank them, and I accepted the first one I received. Just wanted to say thanks again! :D

Right now, I'm listening to the amazing Banjo-Tooie soundtrack. Might I say, these songs remind me of so many good adventures with those two :D


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2011-11-06 01:00:02

Yeahuh! Very unique work that conveys attitude and modern style (and not an anime rip off). Congrats on your deification.
Now... where's my red swingline stapler?!

JusticeBustedUs responds:

Ah! this is very delayed, and I apologize. It should notify me when someone comments, really. Thank you so much! :D
And, I'm gonna have to ask you to come in on Saaaaturdaeeeeyyyyyyyyyy....