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Yes, mam'm, I'm very gay.

2011-12-27 04:01:19 by JusticeBustedUs

So I was loligagging around Target today and (mind you, I've just recently cut my hair into a mohawk. Fuck yeah, chicks with mohawks.) this girl is watching me flip through those over-priced boyfriend t's (seriously, why don't they buy the shirts their boyfriends actually wear, they're cheaper.) and she comes up to me, pretending to look at the pants on the rack next to me. I can literally feel her stare on my neck. It was weird.

So anywho, she's like, "Is it cold?"

Like. What. Seriously? I'ts fucking winter and cold as shit. Wtf. So I said, "Uhm, yes mam'm. It's cold outside. After all, it.. IS winter.."

I fuck you not, she's like, "I mean with your hair like that." What does my hair have to do with the weather again??

I look her in the eyes and tell her, "My hair doesn't change the weather, I apologize." She replies, "Oh, sorry. That's not what I meant. Are you a lesbian?"

What do I say? -insert title-

That's Oklahoma for you, children.

pic related. it's me.

Yes, mam'm, I'm very gay.


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2011-12-30 22:31:58

Say yes and smile innocently.

JusticeBustedUs responds:

For totes. I should have. I should have done the innocent-but-seductive and totally lured her into homosexuality.
fuck yeah lesbians!